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Start A Non Profit 501(c)(3) in Arkansas

Non Profit Formation in Arkansas

To create a non profit organization in Arkansas, you must file articles of incorporation with the Business and Commercial Services Division of the Arkansas Secretary of State.  The Articles may be filed either online via the Arkansas Secretary of State website or you may complete and mail the appropriate form to the Secretary of State.  The online filing fee is $45.00.  Otherwise, the filing fee is $50.00.  To start a charitable non profit organization (i.e., 501c3), you should utilize the Articles of Incorporation “Form 2” for Non Profits.  This form may be found on the Secretary of State’s website.  To obtain more information, you can contact the Business and Commercial Services Division at (501) 682-3409.    

Tax Exemptions

A non profit charitable organization may obtain an exemption from corporate income taxes in Arkansas by filing a copy of its IRS determination letter, a copy of pages one and two of their Form 1023 and a statement declaring Arkansas Code Exemption to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.  Charitable organizations which have not yet obtained their IRS determination letter may apply for an exemption from corporate income tax by submitting Arkansas Form AR1023CT – Application for Income Tax Exempt Status, along with such other documentation as required by the application.  Non profit organizations seeking an exemption from corporate income tax can obtain further information by contacting the Department of Finance and Administration at (501) 682-4775.  For informatiosn on registering to pay sales tax in Arkansas, you should contact the Sales and Use Tax division at (501) 682-7104. 

Charitable Solicitations

Charitable organizations are required to first register with the Office of Attorney General before soliciting contributions in the State of Arkansas.  There is no fee for registering a charitable organization in Arkansas.  However, religious organizations, educational institutions, and charitable organizations which do not intend to receive contributions in excess of $25,000 in a calendar year are exempt from the charitable registration requirement, provided that the proper exemption form is submitted to the Attorney General.  To obtain the Charitable Organization Application for Registration, or an appropriate exemption form, you may contact the Attorney General’s Office at (501) 682-6150. 

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