Let us help you prepare your 501(c)(3) application for a reasonable price. We will do all the paperwork. Call us at 561-988-3083 for further assistance.

File to Start a Tax Exempt Non Profit Charitable 501c3 Organization

Do you need to obtain tax exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization, but are not sure if you have the time or resources to do the paperwork? If so, let us assist you.

We will incorporate your non profit organization and prepare your 501(c)(3) application (IRS Form 1023), and all necessary attachments, for a reasonable service charge.That is, we will do all the paperwork for you so that you will not have to expend the time to learn to prepare the application yourself. The application is fairly detailed and complicated so you can be assured that we will prepare the application thoroughly, carefully and completely so that we can optimize your chances of obtaining IRS approval of your tax exempt charity.

So, let us prepare your 501(c)(3) exemption application, for a reasonable fee, so that you can realize your vision of helping others. To get started, please contact us via email or by telephone. Once we have collected all of the information relating to your proposed charity, we will then begin preparing your 501c3 exemption application. Within approximately 2 – 3 weeks, your application and all other pertinent documentation will be completed and ready for submission to the IRS for approval.

Form A 501 c 3 In: